Acoustic Range 35 to 61
Fire Range up to 120 min

Mada AquaPlus

The basis of our AquaPlus partition system uses framing elements from either the KeyPlus or SoundPlus partition systems (depending on size and structural rating).
Plasterboard is then chosen to meet the moisture, wetness, or high-humidity concerns for your project.

AquaPlus may be used near pools or for external use by replacing the plasterboard with either: Mada ProCem cement board, Mada Fiber Cement Sheets, or Mada GlassMat Sheathing board.

stcSTC (Sound)
42 to 68

Fire (min)
Up to 120


Detail AQU 1

No Insulation


Detail AQU 2

25mm of Mada Glasswool insulation 16Kg/m3


Detail AQU 3

50mm of Mada Glasswool insulation 16Kg/m3

AQUAPLUS – Stud Size 68×0.55mm

For other stud options consult the Mada System Guide


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