T Grid Suspension System

Mada All-Purpose Jointing Compound uses a Calcium Carbonate-based, non-asbestos formulation, with acrylic polymers and other additives to provide excellent crack free jointing and bonding.


Product Description
Mada T Grid Suspension System is an aesthetically appealing exposed ceiling grid system that provides a variety of major benefits of improved strength, lower weight, better spring tension characteristics and enhanced screw retention. Mada T Grid Suspension System has a minimum of G30 Hot Dip Galvanized body to provide protection against corrosion, and Supports heavy tiles and backings, as well as Light Fixtures and Access Panels.

Field of Application
Residential buildings
Commercial buildings
Educational settings
Light industrial and manufacturing projects

Product Characteristics 
Cross Tee Size : 24x26x600 mm – 0.30 thickness
Long Tee : 24x26x1200 mm – 0.30 thickness
Main Tee : 24x38x3600 mm – 0.30 thickness
Wall Angle : 22x22x3600 mm, 24x24x3600 mm
– 0.4mm thickness

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