Acoustic Range 35 to 52
Fire Range up to 60 min

Mada MonoPlus

Our original lightweight partitioning system provides huge savings of time and money, compared to traditional masonry construction for walls. Adding MEP services is quick and easy, no matter the project’s design.

MonoPlus is perfect for most standard height walls because a creates a lightweight, yet rigid steel framing system for the attachment of drywall panels in a variety of living and working spaces alike.

stcSTC (Sound)
41 to 50

Fire (min)
Up to 60


Detail MON 1

No Insulation


Detail MON 2

25mm of Mada Glasswool insulation 16Kg/m3


Detail MON 3

50mm of Mada Glasswool insulation 16Kg/m3

MONOPLUS – Stud Size 68×0.55mm

For other stud options consult the Mada System Guide


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