Mada Procem Cement Boards

Mada ProGuard glass mat sheathing board is a noncombustible, mold, delamination and moisture-resistant sheathing board that meets the onerous requirements of an external substrate.


Product Description
Mada Procem Cement Boards utilize a non-asbestos Fiber-Mat reinforced cement substrate board, Portland and aluminite cement, light aggregate, and additives to create a non-combustible building material for interior and exterior applications with superior strength and durability.

Field of Application
Mada Procem Cement Board is used in areas requiring high impact resistance (e.g., Corridors), wet area (e.g., washroom, kitchen, sauna) as well as an underlayment for tiles, floor & roof.

Product Characteristics
Length : 1800mm
special length : 3000mm
Width : 1200m
Thickness : 12.5mm and 15mm
Edge : Round
Color : Grey

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